BETA HomeWeatherStation template - TEST version

Demo: Most features can be found in the Beta pwsTEST-release here and some already in the pre-production pwsWD-release

What is a beta test? Definition from
Quality is the main purpose of beta testing as this phase allows developers and testers to evaluate the overall experience from users' point of view. Functional testing makes sure all the features of the scripts are working fine and they would perform as expected.


What next:

Missing documentation:

Icons used:

I am extending the number of "w34_icons" so that all different conditions in the forecasts can have their own icon.
The icons can freely be used and modified as you wish. I myself use BOXY-svg, an inexpensive svg editor for that.
To make sure that the same icon is always used for "more or less the same" weather description I first made a listing for every forecast.
These lists contain the conditions- or forecast-terms, the providers icon if available and the "w34_icon" used