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All information available Januari 1, 2019

Alle informatie beschikbaar 1 januari 2019

The latest test version is shown here. If you want to test this version please contact me at wvdkuil (at) gmail.com

The clientraw.txt and the WDapi are both tested and fully operational.
Current copnditions can be used from WD-clientraw , Metar or DarkSky
AirQuality is supported for Luftdaten, Purpleair and Official AQ-stations
Use of SQL to store stations data is tested OK
Use of a cron is optional and not necessary, but it gives a slight improvement of response
First version will only support 4 languages: en fr de and nl. Extra scripts will be available to more easily add your own or extra languages.
Documentation will be added shortly

This version is NOT 100% compatible with the current MB version or any of the other versions.
Different people are working on the different versions, so incompatibillities will be normal.
Moving scripts between different branches of the "weather34"-template should be done with caution.

There are new announcements about the Meteobridge version also.
Check here => https://www.weather34.com/homeweatherstation/index.html

The WeatherDisplay 2017 version I got from Brian, only used clientraw.txt upload.
The WD-API scripts were developed later and not included in the 2017 version.

New version: I am assembling / testing / documenting an updated version for WeatherDisplay including the WD-API to be available first of Januari 2019.

WeatherUnderground: It will also contain the WeatherUnderground graphs, if WeratherUnderground will allow us to retrieve the stations-data after December after February 2019.
As soon as WeatherUnderground announces their new station-API and the restrictions all script authors will have to adept their scripts.
The weather34 Graphs are genrated with your station data from WU. They have to be adapted in December as soon as the specifications are available.

Brian also included another way to store ones data by using your website-SQL. It is a slightly more complex
As the Meteobridge version is standardised and updated by Brian as of today, I can start borrowing newer scripts from MB to be used in the WD version.