HomeWeatherStation template - WD version

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For support and discussions use this topic on the WeatherWatch forum
and for requests / ideas about extra features: this topic is the "wish-list" for the next releases, also on that forum.
Do not contact Brian (the original author) about this WD-clientraw version. Read his post here .

Add your own languages
There are only 4 languages in the first download. Another 4 in the update. If you want to add your own language,

Credits go to the original author
This fine template is mostly called "HomeWeatherStation" or "HWS-template" or simply "weather34". It was originally developed by Brian Underdown who uses "weather34" as his avatar-name on multiple forums. As the number of supported weather-programs grow, he asked different persons to help to continue the support of all those different versions. Brian is still consistently enhancing and maintaining the Metebridge versions, other persons are upgrading and maintaining the other versions.
Do not contact Brian about this version, the PHP-code used is very different.

Warning - Do not "mix and match"
This version is NOT compatible with the current MB version or any of the other versions.
Different people are working on the different versions, so incompatibillities will be normal.
Moving scripts between different branches of the "HWS"-template should be done with caution.

Warning - WeatherUnderground
This version contains graphs which use the WeatherUnderground data of your weather-station.
It is unknown if, in which format and how WeratherUnderground will allow us to retrieve our stations-data after December 31, 2018 February 15, 2019.

As soon as WeatherUnderground announces their new station-API and publishes the restrictions for the use of that API, all script authors will have to adept their scripts. The weather34 graphs in this version will be adapted a.s.a.p. after WU announcements.
Solution This version also contains a description for your own SQL database-table. The graphs can then be generated without any data from WU.

Release plan:

I hope you will have as much pleasure in using this fine HWS (aka weather34) template, as I have with maintianing and enhancing this WD-clientraw version